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Group of young friends watching a football match on a building rooftop, drinking beer, eating food and cheering. Selective focus on the people in the middle

The champion of the champions is decided today! 🏆

We are not talking about the food delivery game yet but football! ⚽️

It is the most waited club match of the year, and it is time to prepare for it. That is why we decided to contact our restaurants and ask what they would want to offer to our beloved sports fans!

We have not forgotten the hockey fans either, so the offers are also valid for Sunday as well. On Sunday the world champion is going to be decided in the brand-new arena of Tampere. Nakkimukis or mustamakkara are local delicacies in Finland but we have plenty of other offers to fulfil your game day! 🏒

The perfect sports weekend would not be fulfilled without the legendary Monaco Grand Prix. F1 cars will take over the narrow streets of Monaco and with the tight championship and with two young hotheads, there will be most likely a good race ahead of us.

Take a look of the offers and get your game day grub on!