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Fudy’s environment pledge!

As we understand that food delivery is a creator of greenhouse emissions, we are taking deliberate actions to work towards a better tomorrow by saying no to options that are committing directly to the environmental problems we are facing.

In general, we see the world in the future where food waste is reduced to a minimum and food efficiency is reaching close to 100%. One way to achieve this is using professional chefs and extremely efficient kitchens. In this world, cooking at home would not disappear but it will become a pastime activity instead of a daily chore. As we understand that this world is further away than your next meal, we have taken action to reduce our carbon footprint.

🌲 We aim always for the usage of recycled or recyclable material in our marketing materials!

🌳 We aim to use locally produces marketing materials!

🌴 We use recyclable bags for our food deliveries!

🛵 Reduce the number of couriers on the road

The last point is something we believe strongly we can make a difference. At the moment most of the orders are for one person only. We want to change that so that the group order will become the new norm. If you compare the current system to normal car traffic, this would mean that everybody would be driving individually by using a taxi. Does not make sense, does it? That is why we want to remove the pain points of group order. We want to remove the constant compromise when it comes to selecting restaurants or chasing the money after you have made the order

We want to make the world a better place not just conscious of ordering better. These are the first steps we have taken in this direction and we will keep working in this direction tirelessly.