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Fudy is finally here!

Welcome to Fudy – A platform that was built by foodies for foodies. This foodie DNA goes through our organization from Customer Support to last detail of the app. That is why we have already started with a bang and brought a new feature to the market that was not there before.

Fudy is here to make the food delivery game better. Not just the end customers but also restaurants and couriers.

Now why should you get another app?

🌮🍔🍣 You can order from multiple restaurants with the same order! Read more about it here

🍃🌎🦫 We care about the environment. Read more about our actions and decisions here

🧕🏻🕵🏻‍♂️🧒🏾 We care about our people. We want to give the benefits back to the consumers. More about this later.

How have we achieved this?

By listening simply to what each party has had to say. We have been speaking with all parties about the possible improvements and have let everybody have their say in the development and having heavy users of the courier services in the team. We will still keep doing this and we want to make the product and the service match the needs perfectly.

We wish you welcome to Fudy world!

Now get ordering and find your new and old favourites! 😋